Help find my attacker, says Hackney anti-fascist

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A HACKNEY woman says she faces “a lifetime of surgery” after her leg was broken during an anti-British National Party (BNP) demonstration in central London last year.

Amy Jowett alleges that a police officer kicked her three times below the knee so violently that she  has had to have a series of operations.

Ms Jowett was part of a Unite Against Fascism protest in central London on Saturday 1 June 2013. The attack, which Jowett says happened just after 4pm, had disabled and disfigured her.

She is worried about how it will affect her job as an English-language tutor because she is unlikely to regain full mobility. No officer has been connected to the attack and the Metropolitan Police has joined her search for witnesses.

The police say: “The Directorate of Professional Standards is appealing for people at the demonstration to contact them. At the time the injury was received, efforts were being made to move demonstrators. Warnings were issued and the crowd was surging.”

The Met was taking the allegations “extremely seriously” .

Jowett was part of a 1,000-strong group blocking the way of BNP supporters trying to march to the Cenotaph in Whitehall. Police started pushing back the anti-fascists. When a Met snatch squad tried to arrest a man who was linking arms with Jowett, another police officer, she alleges, kicked her left leg.

Police medics treated her for a compression fracture before she was taken to St Thomas’s Hospital in Southwark.

Jowett wants anyone from the demonstration to review any photographs or video footage they took.

She says: “They might not be aware that they have caught something on camera. It would be useful to see any images from 4pm until 4.20pm..”

She seeks in particular a tall young man with a black beard and a brown flat cap who was behind her. He helped to lower her to the ground just after the incident.

Jowett continues: “Since the incident happened, seven  months ago, I have been unable to work. I have had four stays in hospital.”

More hospital procedures await her.

She adds: “It would help me a great deal if anyone can come forward with information that helps to identify the police officer who kicked me.”

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* Anyone with information should email her solicitor,, and at the Met,

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  1. Shocking… poor Amy. If the allegation is proved, it will suggest that police seem to have licence to do whatever they like in this country.

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