Yuk, that smell! A filthy story from Dalston

Dalston Junction London E8 260713 © david.altheer@gmail.com

THERE HAS been a big stink about Dalston. For several months passers-by in Dalston Lane have noticed a disgusting odour at the Square between the library and the apartment towers pictured above.

Now the pong prob has been solved.

Consort, the firm responsible for maintenance of the Barratt development at E8 3DD, says in a notice to residents, with charming understatement: “You may have noticed a smell of sewerage over the last couple of weeks.”

A large number of sanitary towels and baby wipes and litres of fat had been dropped down toilets and sinks, blocking the drains underneath the flats.

At this point, Consort’s tale becomes quite graphic: “This led to flooding of the sub-basement area with actual raw sewerage.”

An urgent call was made to Thames Water, which duly pumped “tonnes of contaminated water” out of the system.

Sadly, that was not the end of the matter. Consort continues its wretched story: “Unfortunately, this meant that remnants of the raw sewerage were left lying stagnant in the sub-basement area for some time.”

And this coincided with Christmas, when much of the world shuts down, so the developer could not help until after the Christmas break.

Come the new year and things looked brighter. “The cleanup has now been successfully completed,” says Consort. The smell “should have” disappeared.

The aggrieved cleaners, sounding less than optimistic, add: “If you could please refrain from ever putting sanitary towels or wipes down your toilets, it would stop this from happening again, in addition to fat or ground coffee being put down your kitchen sinks.”

Hamish Scott 160114

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