Ride way? Hackney streets get more bike stores

Bikehangar Stoke Newington London N16 260314 © david.altheer@gmail.com

COMING SOON to a street near you is this £3,200 bike shed. Even in a conservation area, it does not need planning permission.

Twenty-five Bikehangars will be deposited around the borough within the next few months, says manufacturer Cyclehoop, a South London firm, which charges cyclists £30 a year on a £25 deposit.

The secure cycle-parking sheds, which can hold six bicycles behind locked doors, are on trial in Hackney for a year. They are likely to become permanent fixtures: the five already placed in the borough are fully booked.

The town hall tells Loving Dalston the scheme will cost Hackney nothing to administer because the Cyclehoop annual user fee covers administration and management of the sheds.

Hackney says that planning permission is not required for the sheds, which have the outline of Nissen huts, once-popular low-cost prefabs.Nissen

The council explains: “The installation of a [bike shed] is covered by permitted development by Class A of Part 12 of Schedule 2 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 provided that it is not in front of a listed building.”

As for a street in a conservation area, “installation is covered by permitted development… provided it is not in front of a listed building”.

Put succinctly, if you live in a Hackney conservation area and want to make a change to the front of your property, you’ll have to apply for planning permission. For a bikeshed in front of your house, no permission.

The first Bikehangar was installed in Lambeth in 2012. The council forwent the Dutch version, the Fietshangar (fiets means bicycle in Dutch). Pity: it has the sense of style the English shed so lacks.

The Hackney Society comments: “The issue of communal bike security will be welcomed by many Hackney cyclists.

“We would be interested to see what other designs are available, perhaps even from some local designers.”

Calling Boris Bus-Olympian designer Thomas Heatherwick: Hackney needs you.

David Altheer 260314 

* Hackney council considers installing a Bikehangar in a street only  when it believes that all the hangar’s spaces will be occupied, so at least three households need to request a shed before installation can be considered. Contact: movegreener@hackney.gov.uk. The council has installed 2,000-plus cycle stands in streets and at workplaces, schools and rail stations. Racks and bike lockers have been installed on Hackney Homes estates.

* Pictured at top: Shakespeare Walk at the junction of Allen  Road, Stoke Newington N16 8RZ

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2 thoughts on “Ride way? Hackney streets get more bike stores

  1. I live on the second floor and it’s too much carrying my bike up and down the flights.

  2. Hi. I am a visitor to Hackney, staying overnight with my son. No way can he supply safe storage for my cycle in his flat, so can I use one of the council bike hangars for short-time storage when I visit my son?

    I am willing to pay a fee.

    Phone Hackney council to ask whether one-day hire is possible. Go on Twitter or other social media, specify the relevant postcode and ask if anybody can help. – Ed.

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