Fire storm over school plan for closed station

Hackney New School Downham Road, De Beauvoir N1 5AA , and (in some pix) the decommissioned fire station at ingsland Road fire station, 333 Kingsland Road, Haggerston E8 4DR 210614 ©
Hackney New School Downham Road, De Beauvoir N1 5AA ©
The decommissioned fire station, top, and, above, the adjacent secondary school

NO SOONER has the battle to save the Kingsland fire station been lost than a De Beauvoir free school announces that it wants the site.

The station, which opened in the 1890s, was one of 12 closed earlier this year 2014 under a London Fire Brigade plan approved by the capital’s Mayor, Boris Johnson, to save money. Hackney Mayor Jules Pipe was among protesters who claimed the closure would reduce response time.

Seven councils, including Hackney, took the campaign to the High Court but failed to save the stations.

Now Hackney New School (HNS), the secondary opened last September, 2013, has said it wants to open a primary school (HNPS) on the 333 Kingsland Road E8 4DR site in September 2015 and the Education Department this month approved.

HNS hopes to submit a proposal “that is attractive” to the site owner, the London Fire Brigade, “while representing value for money for HNPS and the Department for Education”.

Mark Lushington, of Hackney National Union of Teachers, expressed disdain, with a huge dose of hyperbole. “My immediate – and thoroughly improper response – was the wish that the free-school site burn to the ground due to the ‘unforeseeable’ consequence of an increased response time, due to the closures,” he said, using great irony.

“If free-schoolers want to open chic niches for their children, the least they can do is not pay for them with public money.”

Piling on the irony, he added: “Why not have a whip-round, at a dinner at which Boris is the keynote speaker, in an incendiary central location?”  Hackney New School in Downham Road, De Beauvoir N1 5AA  210614 ©

Hackney councillor for children Anntoinette Bramble (London Fields ward) said: “We look forward to supporting any free schools which open in our borough.

“They join a family of schools with high aspirations for all of Hackney’s young people.”

The Kingsland fire station is being widely advertised, although no price is mentioned. A film-production company is among several that has shown interest in the site, which is well placed for public transport and close to the City.

The Fire Brigades Union said it had long suspected that the closures were more to do with property values than with providing the best service.

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One thought on “Fire storm over school plan for closed station

  1. Free school or not – it’s a school for local children. Let’s put aside moral and political ideology here – there were 150 four-year-olds in Hackney without a primary school place this year. That’s one hundred and fifty.

    They will be sent out of the borough to unpopular schools. And that is with the additional 50 places the new school has provided.

And the fire station that no one wanted to become a school is likely to be more luxury flats.

    Over-priced, cladded new-build apartments that no one but overseas investors or bankers looking to improve their portfolios can afford. Just what the area needs more of, eh?

Happy you didn’t get a primary school for the local kids now?

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