Police swoop after traffic incident in Dalston

Policevan: was in collision with commercial van at Dalston Junction rail station 210814 © David AltheerPolicevan: was in collision with commercial van at Dalston Junction rail station 210814 © David Altheer

DALSTON JUNCTION was agog when a big police van and a bigger commercial van had a close encounter after one of them executed a U-turn right by the busy intersection.

“In collision” is the phrase lawyers advise reporters to use in such news reports and Loving Dalston is of course not attributing blame.

The police, who immediately summoned another van bearing several officers, looked red-faced. (Just my opinion, M’lud.)

The driver of the other vehicle was trying not to smirk. (Again, my opinion, M’lud.) He was, he muttered, annoyed about “a broken wing mirror”. Happily, nobody was hurt.

Arguing over who is responsible for the damage should take less time than usual. The damaged van is owned by an insurance company.

The van driver then had to tinker under his bonnet. The vehicle seemed to have a flat battery. The guy was having one of those days.

Hackney police did not respond to a request for a comment.

Hamish Scott 220814 

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  1. As if the temporary bus stop at Dalston Junction didn’t have enough problems, as it is…

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