Web faster in Domesday hamlet than in Tech City

Brantingham picture: © Gordon Kneale Brooke/geograph.org.uk. ound at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brantingham#mediaviewer/File:Brantingham_Village_Duck_Pond.jpg
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Shoreditch: Unlike the village at top, it has no pond, no ducks and no superfast broadband

A  HAMLET IN the Yorkshire Wolds so old that it is in the Domesday Book has faster  broadband than Tech City/Silicon Roundabout in Shoreditch.

Two thirds of residents in Brantingham, East Yorkshire, have been upgraded to broadband with an overall speed four times the national average.

The fastest in England, it is sent on a network owned by Kcom, a formerly local-authority-owned telecommunications company based in Kingston-Upon-Hull (alright, ’ull), which is not covered by BT.

Even that oft-criticised semi-monopoly, however, has been able to offer high-speed net connection to some locations: by partly using public subsidies, BT  built an extensive fibre network in the county in, uhm, Cornwall.

James Governor, who founded Redmonk, describes Tech City as “a rather expensive joke”. Workspaces at his firm were operating at 50Mbps [megabits per second].

He told Loving Dalston: “BT has not come through with the goods, but then neither have other broadband providers.

“We’re using Optimity, one of the few companies that can provide high enough speeds for our needs.

“It has no competition in the area.”

MP Meg Hillie © david.altheer@gmail.com
Hillier: Tech City needs a review

MP Meg Hillier said: “In Tech City, the much-trumpeted European hub of technology, businesses are moving out because they simply cannot access high-speed broadband.”

Government grants of £3,000 were “a sticking plaster”.

The Hackney South and Shoreditch Labour ex-minister added: “We need a comprehensive review of broadband, and plans for infrastructure and roll-out, and for a competitive framework that delivers.”

The regulator Ofcom says that 78 per cent of premises could receive superfast broadband. It is hoping that BT’s investment in enlarging more optical fibre cable throughout the UK country will soon pay off.

Perhaps the mallard ducks around Brantingham pond, above, may give a clue to solving the Tech City problem: Shoreditch and BT should get their ducks in a row. Or else a flock of Ditchies might be moving up north or to the West Country.

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* Brantingham picture: © Gordon Kneale Brooke/geograph.org.uk

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