Hackney switches off cancer claims on radio

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ACTING ON information from Loving Dalston, Hackney council (town hall, above) has leaned on a London pirate-radio station to drop an advertisement for a plant supposed to cure cancer and hundreds of other conditions.

The ad might have misled listeners into thinking they could survive serious conditions by taking a so-called superfood extracted from Moringa oleifera, sometimes called the “tree of life”.

The council’s trading standards service asked for a copy of the ad, which would, it said, be reviewed to determine whether it breached the Cancer Act or the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.

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Trading standards would then advise all parties involved how to ensure that future ads were legal.

The service said it had given details to advertising and broadcasting standards bodies.

Trading standards would ask the council freesheet, Hackney Today, to warn traders and the public about misleading claims for herbal substances.

Hackney council became interested in Moringa when this site revealed that a stall in Ridley Road was, in the face of council supervision of the market, making fanciful claims for Moringa.

The stall-holder, Roseline Saint-James, of Modrosel UK, co-operated immediately with trading standards. She told Loving Dalston she was sorry that misleading claims had initially been made.

She emphasised that neither she nor her firm had advertised on broadcast media. Hackney said “it appears that the person involved [in the radio ad] is not linked to the stall”.

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* Backstory: Council stops claims for herb 

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