A Shoreditch domme shows how to be a mistress

Dominatrix Kim Watt (supplied pic)

HOW TO be a mistress is not the kind of course likely to be found at a council-funded night school. Yet it is quite definitely adult education.

It is available in Shoreditch, from “Miss Kim” Watt, who runs what she says is “the only mistress workshop of its kind in the UK”.

It’s a bold claim, although the mistress aspect probably refers more to sexual domination than being someone’s lover.

Miss Kim said: “My workshop is all about inspiring and motivating. I add a lot of humour and anecdotes.”

She liked to get students – “the ladies,” as she calls them – laughing during instruction on “how to take control in the bedroom, the lounge, the kitchen, the office… It’s a confidence-building exercise”.

The course included a “playful BDSM [bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism] session with a partner”. She emphasised that at the classes “no one is having sex”.

Most of the students were partnered or married.

Miss Kim, who is in her forties, has been in the fetish scene for 26 years and also runs Club Rub. Lessons cost £69 (groan).

Dominatrix Kim Watt (supplied pic)
Dominatrix: “Miss Kim”, above and top (supplied pictures)

Author Virginia Rounding, who has written many books about love and sex, questions the need for a mistress class.

She told Loving Dalston: “No self-respecting courtesan would have gone on a course to learn the arts of seduction, and the most celebrated grandes horizontales didn’t need to resort to BDSM to charm their men.

“They found good conversation to be more effective.”

Away from life as a domme, Miss Kim has her homely side: her blog natters cheerily about doing the gardening, going to a craft fair, a trip to a museum.

Still, people can up to the strangest things in the oddest of places…

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* Virginia Rounding next book will be about people burnt at the stake in 16th-century London: see crowdfunding

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