Haggerston Baths could become a brewery pub

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* UPDATE November 2017: Hackney sells the Haggy. Full story — New York financiers get baths for 250 years


A LONDON BREWER wants to turn Haggerston Baths into a brewery pub. Hardly had Hackney council offered the 1903 listed building on a 250-year lease than the company asked about taking over the listed building at Whiston Road E2 8BA.

The City property division of huge French bank BNP Paribas, hired by the council to take the baths off its hands, sees the Edwardian complex as convertible to flats and shops – the usual so-called regeneration formula – but the pub proposal might be easier to sell to the public.

The  Victorian Society, which last month May 2015 told Loving Dalston of its support for the council sell-off shortly after it was announced, is now taking a stronger stance, saying it “would ideally like to see Haggerston Baths reopened as a swimming pool”.

If nobody did, it “would like to see a use which ensures public access and avoids subdivision of internal spaces”.

Liz Hughes, of Haggerston Pool Community Trust, tells Loving Dalston: “We call on the council to prioritise the refurbishment of the building as a swimming pool alongside community facilities.”

Council officers involved had told the trust that the pool was “not for sale”, and that they wanted ideas for rescuing the building.

She adds: “We therefore call on the council to set up a public meeting so that it can explain what is happening and listen to local people’s views and ideas.”

Haggerston Baths could become a brewery pub http://lovingdalston.co.uk/?p=21703
Tarnished: Haggerston’s little ship has lost its lustre

Hackney Liberal Democrats consider the baths “a building important to the whole of Hackney”. They say: “We certainly support re-opening, but this requires funds.

“At the 2014 mayoral hustings Mayor Jules Pipe committed the council to work with the trust to develop a business plan. But nothing seems to have been done.”

Hackney should now work with the trust and other community groups to develop a planning brief that would at least preserve the fabric of the building for future generations.

Hackney Green Party co-ordinator Charlotte George comments: “The building should not have been allowed to fall into a state of disrepair.” Hackney Conservatives were unavailable.

One way for the trust to highlight the baths’ plight is to ask  the public to nominate the baths for the Top Ten Most Endangered Buildings update the Victorian Society is compiling. The pool made the list in 2013 but not last year.

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* Backstory: Hackney washes its hands of heritage site, much of which appeared in the local newspaper many days later.

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2 thoughts on “Haggerston Baths could become a brewery pub

  1. How would turning Haggerston Baths into a massive pub be a selling point for the public? I am pretty sure the locals wouldn’t be overjoyed to see another pub on their doorstep and there is already a problem with nuisance noise from Hoxton Docks.

    This article is just plain speculation.

    You make a good point about possible local opposition. Noise from the night-time economy, as it’s now called, is an issue around the borough, even in the weekend-throbbing Kingsland High Street and other parts of Dalston.

    The sources for the information here are impeccable. The would-be applicant now realises that the council would oppose the idea because it fears the kind of opposition to which you refer. That is not a reason not to let readers know what those viewing the complex are considering. Another, possibly hopeless proposal, is mentioned in the latest article http://lovingdalston.co.uk/?p=21950

    Ideally, all interest should be reported, although none of those involved wants to be publicly named at this early stage: views can change and there was a time when the council was afraid of local opposition to the idea of selling the baths.

    Whatever devolves would, ideally, be reported: the public needs to know what is happening, especially when other interests want them to know only what they want people to know. The latest Haggerston Baths story is at http://lovingdalston.co.uk/?p=21950, including previous ones, listed under “Backstory”. – Ed.

  2. There are two secondary schools next door and local problems with health and obesity – we don’t need another outpost of Shoreditch drinking, we need a swimming pool. Let’s invest in future health.

    Bridge Academy is sponsored by an investment bank – the site is cramped now that the school is full. They should invest in the pool.

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