Hackney stations linked: how about the Dalstons?

Walkway (right) Hackney Downs to Hackney Central London E8 140815 © david.altheer@gmail.com
Walkway (right) Hackney Downs to Hackney Central London E8 140815 © david.altheer@gmail.com
The walkway at Hackney Downs is at the City end of the station

BOUND TO provoke a “Why didn’t they do this long ago?” response, a walkway has been installed between Hackney Central and Downs stations.

Our dozy Transportmeisters have finally got around to connecting the hubs. A 210m-long, CCTV-watched and night-lit covered footbridge now connects Amhurst Road’s HackCen with Dalston Lane’s HackDowns station, cutting the gap by 400m and saving commuters between two and five minutes. And unlike Dalston Kingsland station, the link is wheelchair and buggy-accessible.

TfL, Network Rail and Hackney Council coughed up the funding, hence some statements of the obvious were issued in the name of Hackney Mayor Jules Pipe, including: “This new interchange is another transport project we have supported that helps make getting about the borough as easy as possible for both residents and visitors alike.”

Jules Pipe © Hackney ccl 2015
Talking the walk: Hackney Mayor Pipe

Pipe notices that the walkway will be a “great benefit to passengers” changing lines.

Somehow money was also found for a  children’s playground on the adjacent Aspland and Marcon estates. When our leaders try, don’t they do well? All that remains is for them to fulfil the need for a link between Dalston Kingsland and Junction stations.

Hamish Scott 130815

Dalston Kingsland: a train from Dalston Junciton passes within a few metres of the platform. One day… 2015 © david.altheer@gmail.com
A train from Dalston Junction passes within metres of the Kingsland platform

* Backstory: New boards, please, Dalston traffic makeover

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One thought on “Hackney stations linked: how about the Dalstons?

  1. Unfortunately, the walkway is step-free only at the Hackney Central end. There are many steps at Hackney Downs.

    Both stations still have ridiculously small, overcrowded ticket offices because the original Victorian ticket offices (now the Oslo club at HC and the big derelict room inside the viaduct at HD) have been abandoned.

    So both stations are still crying out for an upgrade, just as Dalston Kingsland is.

    The new playground was provided to compensate for the removal of the old one.

    Transport companies must do better. I have been pressing [http://lovingdalston.co.uk/2014/07/is-dalston-kingsland-station-plan-on-right-lines/] on DK — to no apparent effect. – Ed.

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