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*UPDATE April 2016: A meeting to discuss community counter measures to burglary was held by local residents on Tues 22 March 2016. The idea of a neighbourhood watch being established was discussed with two police officers who attended.

THIS IS Cecilia Road, right now probably the most burgled street in Hackney.

Homes there and in four that run off the street have suffered 21 burglaries in six weeks.

Police say the thief or thieves have been focussing on basements to gain entry or to avoid detection.

Sergeant Raymond O’Brien told Loving Dalston that the burglaries appeared to have occurred between 10am and 4pm when people were likely to be at work.

Leabridge ward is another Hackney district with a high burglary rate but the high level around Cecilia Road prompted police to take quick counter-action.

A Hackney policing team went to identify properties that would potentially afford a burglar an opportunity in the pleasant-looking rows of Victorian

burgwarn: Hackney police warn of burglaries around Cecilia Rd Dalston Lon E8 2EP Feb 2016 © DavidAltheer [at]
Get covered: Keep those easily carried valuables out of sight, police told Dalstoners

houses and flats and modern blocks. Many of the houses have a semi-basement with a gully at the front.

O’Brien said: “Officers then provided the residents crime-prevention advice… This ranged from not leaving windows and doors ajar and closing blinds when no one is at home to ensuring that the locks available on the door are used; all designed to increase the security of their home and property within.”

Such measures had been proven to reduce burglaries.

Over the last two months the whole ward of Dalston had 32 burglaries, which was not seen as a significant rise when viewed in an annual context. The Cecilia Road rise was, said Neighbourhood Inspector Jeoff Bull, “quite a recent spike”.

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Detectives are making intensive efforts to find the culprit/s. Bull could not discuss the progress of enquiries but, he said, police would patrol the area daily.

London Assembly member Jennette Arnold (Labour) has found that Hackney bobbies are being taken off the beat for more than 329 shifts every month to plug gaps elsewhere.

The member for Hackney, Islington and Waltham Forest said: “Londoners want neighbourhood police to be visible in their communities not pulled off the beat to plug gaps in other parts of London.”

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