Segregated cycleway? No way, says Hackney

cycleway: New cycleway in Parkholme Road, Dalston E8 3AG 150216 © DavidAltheer [at]
cycleway: New cycleway in Parkholme Road, Dalston E8 3AG 150216 © DavidAltheer [at]
Above, would you be brave enough to go into the middle of this road to cycle against the traffic? Top, a cyclist instantly gives up on the cycleway

THIS IS Hackney council’s idea of how a cycleway should look in the 21st century.

As if to snub pleas for paths that segregate bikes from cars, it has just opened a cycleway that runs in short lengths along 100m of Parkholme Road, Dalston E8 3AG, before forcing cyclists to ride against the traffic.

In that, it may be more dangerous than the path in Greenwood Road, a few hundred metres east,  which even councillors in the ruling Labour group have admitted is a mistake.

Hackney’s animus towards dedicated cycleways has so frustrated cyclists that a group was formed in 2014 to oppose it. One of the aims of the group, Hackney People on Bikes, is Dutch-style protected cycling spaces in the borough.

Greenwood Rd Dalston E8 © DavidAltheer [at]
TIght-fitting: absurd Greenwood Road cycleway
The council prefers the view of the local branch of London Cycling Campaign which, unlike head office, believes cyclists should be encouraged to exercise their right to cycle on the roads and therefore do not need lanes that keep out vehicles.

Old people and parents with children, however, are reluctant to test whether motorists also accept that right.

Not all residents of the street are happy, either, with the road change. Penny Wallis told Loving Dalston: “This scheme is ridiculous.

“Already, you can see cyclists zooming on to the pavement from the path marked on the road when it ends [after a few metres].

“Some continue on the road” but they had to be brave to continue in the face of oncoming traffic on a one-way road one car wide when a vehicle was coming towards them.

At the NW entrance to the street, council staff were reinstalling a bike shed in a parking space. Near by were reams of pavement space where the shed could be placed without eliminating one parking space. Coming to a street near you: a displaced motorist in search of a space.

David Altheer 150216

cycleway: New cycleway in Parkholme Road, Dalston E8 3AG
Into the centre: a cyclist nips into Parkholme Road before any vehicles arrive

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