Idling cops in Hackney: Switch off that engine, says the Met, as the force aims to go green

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Running order: something called run-lock can keep lights on with engine off

IDLING MOTOR VEHICLES are causing thousands of deaths and local police are taking action.

The force told Loving Dalston: “Hackney police vehicles would not be expected to be left idling, unless on only a very brief stop or for an operational requirement.

“If they are on the the street then they are to be be used correctly.

“A system known as run-lock ignition is enabled so the blue and red lights on police vehicles can operate without draining the battery.”

The Met aims to buy 250 electric or hybrid cars over the next 12 months. It has already introduced electric scooters to the force.

Hackney police and mountain bikes © DavidAltheer[at]
Local news: a Hackney newspaper photographer focuses on mountain-bike rozzers
Segway scooter lives. Marseille police zoom into action, striking terror into hearts of local bad boys 190913 S ©
Scoot! Happily for Hackney cops, a Marseille, France solution has not been adopted

Met fleet chief Jiggs Bharij said: “We are looking at different plug-in hybrid technology and alternative fuels such as hydrogen and compressed natural gas that could meet our requirements.”

Air pollution in London is more serious than just a smog that blocks out the sunlight: medical experts believe that it kills 40,000 people annually. The experts recommend “the active travel option”: going by bus, train, foot or bicycle.

So if you see a police — or any vehicle — idling for longer than seems nece3ssary — ask the occupants whether it is really necessary. Or are they happy to have thousands of death on their conscience?

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