Fresh from a big property deal in Dalston, a businessman tells of a youth club’s role in his life

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There’s no business like property business: Blasé Dalstoners get on with their Saturday as Michael Adesioye brings his Batman stunt to Kingsland High Street

PR pic of Michael AdesioyeWhen Michael Adesioye heard that the St Matthias youth club  was for sale, he knew he had to be involved. The Dalston Lane club held a host of memories for him and as a property expert with a firm that styles itself “London’s leading property buying agent” he believed he could handle the prestige deal. And he did. This is his story


I AM 38 and I attended St Matthias from 11 to about 18. After I left I would still pop in now and then to see Nelson Riley, who was known as “Skip”, and was the club leader from the very beginning many years ago up until a few years back. 

He was a father figure to me: he nurtured me and all who went there, constantly encouraging us. He was good, but firm, a man of discipline. It’s why the club was run effectively for so many years without incident.   

St Matthias was like a second home for me: I was there everyday Monday to Friday after school. The club offered so many activities  and I took part in those I was good at… table-tennis, athletics and football, although I was the goalkeeper, and a very proud one, despite our getting beaten heavily most Sundays, making me the poor sod who had to take the ball from the back of the net every time.

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Adesioye visits his old primary school, Nightingale, in Hackney, to inspire children, with the help of headteacher Abigail Hopper

In athletics I was good at high jump — somewhere I may still have the medal I won for coming third when I was 14.  Then there was table-tennis — I was untouchable.

A few power-players I remember: Ronald Albert (staff), Adel Rushdi (staff), Leroy James (staff), Jason Roach (youth) and Skip. Ronald would always say: “Watch the spin if you wanna win.” 

St Matthias was a safe place for youngsters: to express themselves in, to have fun and to socialise. Everybody respected Skip. You wouldn’t dare answer back or be disrespectful to him, any of the staff or anyone else who went to the club because he didn’t tolerate rubbish from anybody.

As adults, we who went to that club can thank Skip for being the way he was. I’m sure many of us still hold on to something from him; at least, I know I do.

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Property agent with a touch of showbiz: Adesioye takes an earlier stunt past Harrods

When it came to the potential sale of the property, by London Youth (LY), the federation of clubs, my firm, Dandor, knew a lot of potential buyers. I could have forward put any one of them, but it wouldn’t have been a good strategy. I had to propose somebody with experience of the area and had all the attributes that would put us in a winning position. 

As a result, LY chose my client, developer East Eight, from all the contenders that were interested in making an offer. The final price was £2.8 million.

So we have to celebrate Dandor-style. On Saturday 25 March 2017 I shall bring Dalston to a standstill as I did central London after a previous big sale. Now Hackney will get a taste of Dandor when I hold a Batman v Joker event to let people know how well we represent them when it comes to selling or sourcing properties. 

That’s the business side. The other side is that I can use the event to inspire local youngsters to think entrepreneurially, to be leaders, not followers.


UPDATE 20 April 2017: An application, 2017/1193, for nine above-ground flats on the site has been submitted. If you want to have your say, press the link for the comment box, which is likely to be closed early in June 2017.

* The Batman-Joker event is due to be held in Kingsland High Street Dalston, from 1.30pm to 2pm. Then the Dandor team heads for the club, 101 Dalston Lane E8 1NH,  for music, confetti  and photographs — Dandor is offering a £250 prize for the picture of the day. 

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  1. Mohammed, I understand that you now manage St Matthias Youth Club. I am trying to contact friends and former work colleague Nelson Riley. I would be very grateful for any help you can offer.

    I shall pass your request on to manager Mohammed. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed the affectionate tribute here from a reader — Editor (I have reposted the above for Juderil, the correspondent)

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