Diane’s in the house! Well, almost…. her Hackney leaflet fails to mention the leader, or his slogan

Difly0517Bc: DianeAbbott election flyer Dalston Hackney London E8 © david.altheer[ a t ] gmail.com
Pushing through: a Diane Abbott flyer on its way to another voter

 DianeAbbott election flyer Dalston Hackney London E8 © david.altheer[ a t ] gmail.com
Inside at last: Abbott has long been a leading member of the shadow cabinet
Difly0517e: DianeAbbott election flyer Dalston Hackney London E8 © david.altheer[ a t ] gmail.com
Corbyn fails to make it to the Abbott leaflet

* UPDATE 190517: An improved leaflet includes a photograph of Diane Abbott with Jeremy Corbyn and a clarification of her attitude to Brexit. The party’s election slogan was still omitted. As for the Conservatives, they seem to be giving up on toppling Abbott, instead calling on activists to quit Hackney to rush up to Enfield North to help Nick de Bois to keep his 1,692 majority  for the Tories. See the leaked document below

NO MP HAS BEEN more unwavering in publicly supporting Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn than Diane Abbott.

There have been occasions when it appeared to slip briefly. Once, the Opposition leader was facing the Government in the House of Commons when one by one every member of his Shadow Cabinet, among them Abbott, apparently felt an urgent need to leave the chamber. Still, she was last to leave.

Yet so determined is Corbyn to keep his lieutenant that he override calls for her dismissal after her latest mistake, a hash of an interview with radio station LBC.

If, however, the Hackney North and Stoke Newington MP is so loyal, how can one explain her election publicity? The flyer shown here makes not one mention of the party leader. His electoral slogan, “For the many, not the few”, didn’t make it, either. Strange, because by the standards of British politics, it’s a good one.

The Shadow Home Secretary is just doing as many of the other retiring Labour MPs: distancing themselves from a leader whose socialism and decency appeal to young voters but whose political ineptitude — among other widely alleged failings — has prompted a powerful trade-union boss to predict disaster in the UK general election on Thursday 8 June 2017.

Why should the Cambridge-educated Abbott worry? Corbyn will face calls to quit the leadership but she will face no such calls, instead sitting comfortably. Her majority after the last election was 24,000. Safe!

David Altheer 180517

Diane Abbott was asked to comment on the issues raised here but neither she nor anyone from her office was available.

Difly0517c: DianeAbbott election flyer Dalston Hackney London E8 © david.altheer[ a t ] gmail.comDianeAbbott election flyer Dalston Hackney London E8 © david.altheer[ a t ] gmail.com
You’re going to oppose Brexit? But in the last Commons vote, you went with the Tories
General election 2017 candidates: Diane Abbott (Labour), Alastair Binnie-Lubbock (Green), Shahahandria Khan (Friends Party), Amy Gray (Conservative), Jonathan Homan (Animal Welfare Party), Joseph Richards (Lib Dems), Abraham Spielmann (Independent)

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