Hello, Cousin! A free DNA test tells 34 Hackney parents more than they ever knew about themselves

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Who knew? Hackneyites Naomi Locker, left, and Tracey Fergus are told they are cousins

THESE TWO have just been to school — and learnt that they are long-lost cousins. The women live in Hackney only a few kilometres apart and their children are in the same school class. Yet these fourth cousins had never previously spoken to one another.

Ancestry.co.uk had examined the DNA of families at a supposedly typical London primary, Southwold, in Detmold Road, Clapton E5 9NL, without charge.

Once the results were in, the children of the 34 parents who volunteered revealed the headline details to their parents, as you can see in this charming video.

On discovering the relative, Tracey Fergus, 39, a Stoke Newington local government officer, said: “It’s unbelievable to think someone you’re related to could be… on the same school run.”

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Emotional discovery: the two are taken aback by the ancestral revelation

Naomi Locker, 34, a Hackney entertainment presenter, said that to learn she had family at her daughter’s school was “exciting”.

DNA found in the adults who took part in the project — some might say publicity stunt — suggests they have distant origins in the Irish, Scandinavian, Russian, Greek, North American, Asian, North African, Nigerian, Polynesian and other regions.

The DNA of one father, a Hackney Downs driver, 42, stems from 18 “ethnic regions”, a total that is a near record for AncestryDNA. He commented:  “I feel like a citizen of the world now.”

A parent from the South of France was amazed to learn that his DNA is more Anglo-Saxon than French. Regrettably, he did not say he found this “galling”.

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Pictures supplied by Ancestry DNA. If you investigate your origins, bear in mind that at 3rd great-grandparent point, for example, 32 ancestors will have contributed to your genetic makeup: their input totals just over 3%. Many specialists offer tests. They cost about £60.

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