What bollards! Street artist has fun with the balls keeping cars off a path in Hackney

bollards©DA0718L: graffitied bollards at housing estate in Amhurst Rd #Hackney E8 210718 © David.Altheer@gmail.com
Behind or perhaps ahead of the eight-ball? Subtle street art in Amhurst Road
©DA0718: Amhurst Rd #Hackney E8 210718 © David.Altheer@gmail.com
The balls block cars but let in pedestrians, cyclists and mobility scooters
bollards©DA0718: graffitied bollards shoing melting ice cap at housing estate in Amhurst Rd #Hackney E8 210718 © David.Altheer@gmail.com
Hot stuff: Hackneyites like this hot summer but perhaps not what lies behind it

THESE ATTRACTIVE VARIATIONS on the car-deterring bollard have been given witty makeovers by a street artist… and Hackney council would like to know their identity.

One of the concrete globes, at the Aspland Estate in Amhurst Road Dalston E8 1LL, has been adorned with a polar ice-cap that is melting — making a point to all who’ve been in baking-hot London for the last few months; another portrays the three wise monkeys of “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” fame; and a third is a pool-type eight-ball.

The town hall does not know who decorated the balls — but would like to. So, having been told of them by Loving Dalston, it is going to ask around, starting with the estate’s tenants and residents association (TRA).

bollards©DA0718: graffitied bollards (3 wise monkeys) at housing estate in Amhurst Rd #Hackney E8 210718 © David.Altheer@gmail.com
See no evil: are the three wise monkeys a pop at Hackney council… surely not?

A council insider said that if the TRA liked the artwork, the council would treat it as art rather than graffiti and would instruct staff not to remove it.

David Altheer 310718

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