Hackney boozers its way to the top: more new pubs than anywhere else in the land

beer©DA17: Jaega Wise of Wild Card Brewery @ Craft Beer Rising, Truman’s Brewery 240217 © david.altheer[a t] gmail.com
Art of craft: young alemaker Jaega Wise, of Wild Card Brewery in Walthamstow, is one of the beer industry’s rising stars
Fox pub©DA: Fox pub, Kingsland Rd, Haggerston E8. Photographed from Hackney ccl calendar of artworks in archive © david.altheer@gmail.com
Closing time: the Fox pub has been offering ale to Hackneyites for three centuries. This year permission was given for its conversion to flats

MORE PUBS have been opening in Hackney than anywhere else in the UK. Sixty-five have opened since 2010, a rise attributable to the influx of affluent millennials, the popularity of craft breweries around the borough and high property prices.

This has led to a jobs explosion: 2,250 in pubs and bars — 221.4% higher than in 2001, the first year for which government number-crud cheers can find reliable data.

In total, Hackney has 185 pubs, about 6.6 per 10,000 people, just above the UK average of 5.8. 

Neighbouring Islington has nine pubs/10,000, a much higher figure than Hackney’s, but it is falling — statistics can seem complicated. Islington’s high pub-bar base figure means that its drinking culture provides about 3,000 jobs.

The grimmest borough for anyone wanting to pop into the nearest pub on the spur of the moment is Newham, which has a total of 45 — 60 have closed since 2001.

Acorn pub Queensbridge and Whiston rds 281016 © DavidAltheer [at] gmail.com
From little Acorns mighty profits may grow: this Haggerston pub will be demolished to make way for flats (see Backstory)
It may be tempting to attribute pub closures to the rise of Islam, with its proscription on alcohol, yet Newham — and Waltham Forest — each have fewer pubs than Tower Hamlets, despite its being home to the huge East London mosque and a big population of people of East Asian descent, most of them Muslim.

Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) communications officer Tom Stainer told Loving Dalston: “Pubs play a unique role in offering a social environment to enjoy a drink with friends, they help  to combat isolation and they help people to  feel connected to their community.

“Camra has launched a three-point plan to save the Great British pub, calling for urgent reform to business rates, an urgent review of the Pubs Code and a lower rate of duty for beer sold in pubs.”

BEERForestRd©DA17: Rudder Jenkins/Forest Road Brewing Co. at Craft Beer Rising, Truman’s Brewery 240217 © david.altheer[a t] gmail.com
Rudder Jenkins of Forest Road Brewing Co. stand at a Shoreditch trade fair
The UK average is 5.8 pubs per 10,000 people. Here is the summary of figures for Loving Dalston’s readership area, the boroughs around Hackney. The analysis goes back no further than 2001:

Pearly©DA16: Queen BeerMeetal Patel shows Pearly Queen Beer Company’s newly launched Honey Pale Ale @ Dalston London 20 Aug 2016 © david.altheer[ at ] gmail.com
Buzzing: the Pearly Queen Beer Company owners combine their love of bees and brewing

About 6.6 pubs per 10,000 people, total 185 pubs, 30 more than in 2001, which is higher than the UK average of 5.8 pubs. Jobs in pubs and bars: 2,250, 221.4% higher than in 2001.

Haringey borough N22 8LE 

About 2.3 pubs/10,000, total 65. Jobs in pubs and bars: 900, 12.5% up on 2001.

Islington N1 2UD

About nine pubs/10,000 people, total 215, 25 down. About 3,000 jobs in pubs and bars, 71.4% up.

Newham E16 2QU  

About 1.3 pubs/10,000 people, total 45. Sixty have closed since 2001. Jobs in pubs and bars: 400, 33.3% up.

Tower Hamlets

About 4.1 pubs/10,000, total 130, 75 down on 2001. Jobs in pubs and bars: 1,500, 50% higher.

Waltham Forest

About 1.6 pubs/10,000, total 90 pubs, 45 fewer than in 2001. Jobs in pubs and bars: 450, 43.8% lower than in 2001.


NB: text in orange in homage to the colour of ale (if you put up with the signposted wordplay of “boozers” in the headline, you just might accept the orange).

BEERcrowd17: Craft Beer Rising, Truman’s Brewery 240217 © david.altheer[a t] gmail.com
Millennials out in Hackney to sample a range of mostly London-crafted beers
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mosque©DA15: Aziziye mosque 117 Stoke Newington Rd London N16 8BU 151115 © DavidAltheer[at]gmail.com
The Aziziye mosque in Stoke Newington. Alcohol is usually considered haram {forbidden} in Islam

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