Merry Christmas to all — and here’s how Dalston doorsteps into the 2019 festive season

ChrisWreath©DA: Christmas @ Hackney London © david,altheer@gmail,com
Christmas wreaths in Dalston 2019: top, in Parkholme Road, and above, Malvern Road

ChrisWreath©DA19c:© Christmas wreath Dalston London E8 181219


HOW DID THE IDEA OF WREATHS at Christmas happen? Who can say, is the admitedly inadequate answer of Loving Dalston. 

Various explanations are on the net: the likeliest best source seems to be Time magazine. Unfortunately, the style of the article is unusually unpersuasive, as if the writer is not sure (quite untypical of this famous American publication). 

A blog offers an impressive array of research, as if the writer has actually gone further — looked in a few books (yes, words on paper!) — and another blog suggests simply that the wreath symbolises the strength of life overcoming the forces of winter. And that sounds reasonable.

Loving Dalston’s going to take it.

ChrisWreath©DA19d © Christmas wreaths Cecilia Rd Dalston London E8 181219
A hand-made wreath in Cecilia Road. It is not always easy to distinguish such wreaths from those sold in stores

ChrisWreath©DA: Christmas @ Hackney London 030118 © david,altheer@gmail,com

ChrisWreath©DA19e:© Christmas wreaths Appleby Rd Dalston London E8 181219

ChrisWreath©DA19g:© Christmas wreaths Albion Drive Dalston London E8 181219

ChrisWreath©DA19h:© Christmas wreaths Albion Drive Dalston London E8 181219

ChrisWreath©DA19i:© Christmas wreaths Albion Drive Dalston London E8 181219

ChrisWreath©DA19:© Christmas wreaths Parkholme Rd Dalston London E8 181219

Homeless©DA19: street beggar in Dalston Hackney London © 251119
Among all these door deccies, remember the message of Christmas: love and care for all, especially those in wretched circumstances, like this man photographed on a winter’s day in Kingsland High Street. He could not have been more than 25… in Dalston in 2019

David Altheer 121119

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