Hackney quietly takes luxury limo off the road after this site’s campaign against council excess

Unfortunate last three letters of number plate
A message to taxpayers? Unfortunate last three letters of number plate

• UPDATE JANUARY 2021: Loving Dalston’s revelations about the Hackney limo benefit for a lucky councillor have had a result: Hackney has ended  the costly freebie


AS HACKNEY MAYOR Philip Glanville blames the Government for wrecking council budgets, the borough continues to fund a luxury imported limousine for a senior councillor.

The danger of cuts is no secret, and difficult to avoid — the Labour-dominated council devotes a page of its website to austerity — but when it comes to the sleek four-door saloon imported from California, Hackney comes over all coy. 

Loving Dalston has spent weeks trying to get the Town Hall to talk about the cost to local taxpayers of the state-of-the-art electric Tesla Model S.

teslaAdams©DA19: © david.altheer@gmail.com Tesla model S(price from £81,200) provided by Hackney council for its speaker, Cllr Kam Adams (2019), outside LBH town hall, Lon E8 221212
Your turn, Councillor: Kam Adams, the 2019 Hackney Speaker

The council eventually said “Based on whole-life-cost calculations the ceremonial Tesla is cheaper to operate than the diesel vehicle [a Mercedes-Benz E-class saloon] that it replaced” and even tried the “commercial confidentiality” excuse.  

Who mentioned diesels (ever wondered what it means to swerve a question)? And in case you’re wondering, the Tesla is not necessarily greener than a diesel limo: its powerful battery requires lithium, a material dug out of the Earth at great environmental cost.

muslim©DA0718: Hackney mayor Philip Glanville at open day at Musallaa An-Noor (Deobandi Sunni) mosque 101 Stoke Newington High St Hackney N16 0PH (“Gender Allowed: Men” — website) Sunday 010718 © david.altheer@gmail.com
Philip Glanville: Hackney’s mayor will find it hard to avoid making cuts

When it was suggested that hiring a taxi to transport the Speaker to snip the tape at school fetes; to do a John “Order, ORDER!” Bercow at council meetings; and to pose at citizenship ceremonies might save money, the council talked about risks of theft of the Speaker’s blingy chains and sumptious 17th-century clobber.

Loving Dalston phoned a car-financier to see the size of hole a Tesla drives into the council budget. 

The recommended retail price for a 600km-range Tesla S is £81,200. 

A four-year lease/purchase deal based on a 10% deposit and monthly hire payments seems attractive. But the total cost can get startlingly close to £100,000, and that’s before associated expenses.

John O’Connell, chief of the right-leaning Taxpayers’ Alliance, commented: “Hackney is the only local authority in the country which feels the need to convey one councillor in a Tesla.”

Still, when you come to bemoan the inevitable decline in council services, cheer yourself with the thought that whoever succeeds Councillor Kam Adams as Speaker will have a chauffeur to zoom him/her about in superfast style.

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  1. Do you think that the grubby palm/palms of any officials have been greased by the purveyor of the Tesla to secure the leasing of the vehicle to the London Borough of Hackney? I do.

    * I understand your concern but I have to say I’ve seen no evidence of corruption in this matter. To me, the provision of the limo is bad enough. — Editor

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