They bestride Hackney’s swanky corridors of power. And they earn nothing less than £100k

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Beating heart of the borough: Hackney town hall, top, and, above, council hospitality in the Art Deco hall

* UPDATE 060721: Mark Carroll, of Essex County Council, has been appointed the new chief executive of Hackney, replacing Tim Shields, who has retired after 13 years in the job


COUNCIL OFFICERS HAVE AGAIN been pocketing the kind of pay that suggests the town hall is in the money. 

This despite the Labour borough criticising the austerity measures of the Conservatives. Small businesses complaining about high business rates will wonder why that austerity is not reflected in salaries for top executives at the town hall. 

Hackney tends to rate well in comparisons with other London boroughs for standards of services, the environment and quality of life despite poverty levels higher than in other areas. It has struggled in the long-running virus crisis to get residents to attend Covid-19 checks.

hackneysubcom©DA18: Hackneycouncil planning subcom town hall Mare St E8 060718 © david.altheer[at]
Council chamber: residents watch a sub-committee meeting in Hackney council’s stylish town hall
Yet Loving Dalston’s sneak peek at the books finds that eight council posts are paying more than £100,000 a year, the kind of figure most Hackneyites can only dream of earning. The top earner is on £50k more than the Prime Minister.

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Boss: Tim Shields (supplied pic)

* chief executive Tim Shields £209,798;

* community health director Anne Canning £184,032 (up £3,000-plus on previous year);  

* finance director Ian Williams £184,032 (up £3,000-plus on previous year); 

* two people in the housing department share £168,885 (£90,803 for one co-director, £78,082 for the other);

* interim legal director £138,996; 

* strategy director Stephen Haynes £137,410; 

* communications director Polly Cziok £137,281 (£10,000 more than in previous year);

Health: Anne Canning

* human resources head Dan Paul £132,127.

Hackney council responded to Loving Dalston: “We provide a huge range of services relied on by the local community, including our most vulnerable residents. Salaries for senior officers are in line with those in local authorities across London and reflect the roles’ considerable responsibilities.”

Duncan Simpson, research director for the right-leaning Taxpayers’ Alliance, said: “Hard-pressed Hackney residents will wonder why hundreds of thousands of pounds of their money has been spent on massive pay and pensions for town hall bosses.”

David Altheer 030321

Finance: Ian Williams

* The salaries are for the 2019-2020 financial year; ie, up to the period when the virus crisis started to hit. They are for salaries, allowances and pension contributions by the employer Hackney council. Loving Dalston has not named all post-holders because of personnel changes. Some figures are “annualised” — pro rata for a year — because of job-share arrangements. Two officers received extra payments for acting as returning officers in European elections and general election in 2019. 

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In the pink: only Hackney council high-earners can expect a placing on the elite list

* NB, Tim Shields has announced he is to retire from the chief executive post this spring. Fancy earning a few hundred grand a year? Apply now. 

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One thought on “They bestride Hackney’s swanky corridors of power. And they earn nothing less than £100k

  1. Why on earth are you quoting an opaque organisation that calls itself the Taxpayers’ Alliance but can’t produce a list of members or any evidence that taxpayers like you and me have ever been offered the chance to join?

    It represents the interests of its owners, not of taxpayers — and its owners are involved in procuring the Brexit referendum.

    And you mention small businesses — what about big businesses that pay salaries far bigger than Hackney council?

    * Coincidentally, I recently asked a Hackney councillor who had previously criticised my quoting the Taxpayers’ Alliance for an alternative that might challenge the council on this matter. He was unable to do so and you also have not suggested any other organisation/prominent individual who might comment.

    If executives are worth bigger salaries in the businesses world, they will be recruited. Some Hackneyites find it hard to understand that the leaders on the council staff should earn more than the leader of UK plc.

    FYI, the only reason your otherwise fine letter has been shortened is that I could sense the removing of libel-case books from dusty shelves. I never wish to feed m’learned friends anything to snack on. — Editor

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