Whey-hey, it’s Hackney, where the town hall elite get salaries most of us only dream of

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Beating heart of the borough: Hackney town hall, top, and, above, a hall in the art deco classic building

PREDICTED TO RAISE TAX by at least 4 per cent, Hackney council is warning of further tough decisions that will hit home budgets.

Yet one thing always come through pandemic, cyberattacks and other crises unbruised: the salaries of the council’s top executives. For example, at the top of the latest,  2020-2021, list are:

* chief executive Mark Carroll £209,798;

* community health director Anne Canning £184,032;

Health: Anne Canning

* finance director Ian Williams £184,032 (up £3,000-plus on previous year);

Money-minder: Ian Williams

* two people in the housing department share £168,885 (£90,803 for one co-director, £78,082 for the other);

*  legal director Dawn Carter-McDonald £138,996;

* strategy director Stephen Haynes £137,410;

* communications director Polly Cziok £137,281 (£10,000 more than in previous year);

* human resources head Stuart Thorn £132,127.

Compared with London’s 31 other boroughs, Hackney tends to do well for — in no particular order — services, libraries and sports facilities, housing, the environment and quality of life, despite poverty levels that are higher than in several other areas. The council’s top earner salary being £50k more than the Prime Minister’s, and other posts getting the kind of financial rewards most Hackneyites can only fantasise about, may strike you as less admirable.

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Council chamber: Hackney officers, councillors and residents at a sub-committee meeting
Voters who strongly object will get their chance to make their views felt on Thursday 5 May 2022 when local elections are held. Want to stand? Nominations close on Tuesday 5 April 2022.

Hackney council says it “provides a vast range of services relied on by the local community, including our most vulnerable residents.” Senior officers’ salaries were in line with those in local authorities around the UK and reflected the roles’ “considerable” responsibilities.

Zoë Garbett, of Hackney Green Party, which claims to be the likeliest challenger to Labour in Hackney in these local elections, says “the maximum wage in an organisation should not be more than 10 times the organisation’s minimum. This includes local authorities, so the Greens would bring this approach to Hackney council.”

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* Backstory: Loving Dalston tries to poke its nose into council salary records every year. Here are earlier revelations: 

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3 thoughts on “Whey-hey, it’s Hackney, where the town hall elite get salaries most of us only dream of

  1. It’s obscene, especially as all councils are acting as dictators with the introduction of LTNs and fines.

  2. Local people will be standing as part of the national Independent Network in Dalston, Hackney Central, Hackney Downs, Shacklewell and Clissold.

    We would love more people to join us. The network can help with nomination forms and leaflets. Its talented team includes a graphic designer and website design trainee.

    We have only days left before nominations close and would like to stand candidates in every ward, especially De Beauvoir and Stoke Newington. Get in touch via hackneyindependents.co.uk/.

    * I am ever amazed at the ability of people to attempt a brave face when they fail to get enough votes to save their mandatory application deposit. You might wish, Ms Battaglino, to let me add to your comment whether the network is funding candidate deposits. — Editor

    1. David, surely you should know that the deposit for candidates for local council was abolished some time ago?

      I should, Clair — I suppose. This illustrates my low interest in town-hall ins and outs. — Editor

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