A load of ball as a developer tries a green tack

THE Derwent London boadroom must have rung with cheers when the publicity idea for the developer’s latest scheme was unveiled.

A giant beach ball, above, fixed to a roof at Old Street roundabout was the proposal and there it now sits, trying to persuade passers-by that the £200 million, 16-floor tower planned for the spot will save every year the equivalent of 180 giant balloons full of carbon dioxide more than would be saved by other blocks.

The development is due to go at the right of the picture
The development is due to go at right in the picture

The 70m tower would normally run to 18 floors but the ceilings are 3.5m high, a metre higher than is usual, which the developer contends could save 15% on the construction cost of the average sealed box-style tower. That is expected to compensate for not building the extra floors, giving Derwent London the 20% margin that is typical with such schemes.

The Derwent development being in the heart of what the Government wants us to refer to as  “Tech City”, it had to have a hip name: hence  “White Collar Factory”. (Cue more cheers from the suits.)

It was granted planning permission in October 2011. The scheme will include the new tower of offices, as well as shops, flats and a public square.

* The White Collar Factory is to be built at the SW corner of Old Street roundabout, Shoreditch EC1.

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